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Focusing on Human Connection Moments As A Catalyst For Change

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Managing Virtual Teams


Tara Powers is the author of Virtual Teams for Dummies and Working From Home for Dummies, part of the popular series of books from Wiley. These books were based on Tara’s original research on virtual team effectiveness and years of experience with clients struggling with leading the remote workforce.


Tara is a nationally sought-after keynote and conference speaker, with over 1000 speeches and workshops delivered over the past 18 years to audiences ranging from 10 to 500. Tara is an expert on how to boost employee engagement, build leadership capacity, use communication intelligence, flex your emotional intelligence muscles and create team trust and cohesion. Her fresh approach, combined with a heavy dose of humor, will leave your attendees wanting more. Whether you want a 45-minute keynote, a breakout or workshop, Tara will teach and share her expertise in a simple, experiential and entertaining way.

Businesses are launching head first into establishing virtual teams, with barely a backward glance at the unique challenges for leaders and team members.

The proverbial virtual team train has left the station and there’s no going back. The use of virtual teams will continue to grow so organizations must recognize the unique challenges of virtual teams and invest in ongoing training and support to realize the benefits of virtual teams.


Powers Resource Center is the industry expert on this topic. Its principal, Tara Powers, is the foremost thought leader on virtual team best practices, key challenges and she has been training virtual teams for many years. She conducted the most recent and relevant research on this topic and is the author of ‘Virtual Teams for Dummies.’

Virtual Teams for Dummies book cover and author Tara Powers

Tara, Founder of VTS, can deliver an engaging and insightful data-driven presentation that provides an overview of virtual team success factors or she can prepare a more detailed talk on any of the topics below:


All topics can all be done virtually as 30-60 min keynotes, breakouts or workshops

An Unconventional Catalyst for Culture Change
What is necessary now is a Connection Revolution. These days “connection” seems to be less about relationships between people and much more about reliable wifi. But connection to other people is one of our most basic and primitive needs. Research shows that authentic human connection is essential to address the loneliness epidemic at work, create more meaningful relationships and forge stronger bonds between people based on trust and value.


In this keynote, Tara Powers shares data and thought leadership on how to bring more conscious and intentional connection into the workplace. It’s time to rethink your priorities around people and culture and focus time and energy on systems and process that drive human connection. Because for every person in your organization, significance, belonging and nourishment matter.

Rethink Everything You Know About High Performing Remote Teams
Remote work isn’t the future of work – it’s the present. It’s easy to see why – higher productivity, lower costs, better recruitment and retention, improved work-life balance, and reduced carbon footprint — nothing but upside, right? Yes, but here’s the issue: Organizations are opting for virtual work teams without considering the unique challenges of remote work. The truth is many remote teams are struggling to connect and achieve their full potential. Let Tara Powers teach your teams and leaders the inside revolutionary secrets to building a strong remote team culture and how to inspire success even when you’re not face to face.

Dare to Lead—How to Build Brave, Authentic Leaders and Teams in the Digital Age
Leadership is not about titles or the corner office. It’s about the willingness to step up, put yourself out there, and lean into courage. As a certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator (CDTLFs), Tara Powers is trained to teach the skills, practices, and tools that underpin the four skill sets of courage: Rumbling with Vulnerability, Living into Our Values, Braving Trust, and Learning to Rise. These independent facilitators offer workshops, trainings, and coaching to bring the Dare to Lead courage-building process into your organization.

This knowledge is vital for leaders in the modern workplace. As the leading expert on this topic, Tara is the best choice to prepare your leaders for leading or participating in virtual teams.


 “In a world when valuable information is instantly available at everyone’s fingertips, great speakers have to go far beyond delivering great content. They have to bring surprising insights. They have to synthesize complex, seemingly disparate trends into a perfectly woven fabric. They have to stir emotion and invoke passion in the audience. And that’s exactly what Tara Powers does. As a both a business owner and conference planner, I’m exceptionally selective in which experts I invite to speak to my community. Without hesitation, Tara would be at the top of my list every day of the week. Her incredible depth and breadth of real-world, rubber-hitting-the-road experience is unmatched in her field. She strikes instant credibility with the audience. She connects. She holds their attention. And she flat out delivers. It was an honor to have her on our stage. And months later, we are still receiving inquiries from audience members asking us when we are bringing Tara back to share even more of her expertise. Bottom line: Any meeting planner, conference organizer or decision maker who has an opportunity to bring Tara’s brilliance to their community would be crazy to let it pass them by.”

– Angelique Rewers, CEO, The Corporate Agent

 “Tara Powers recently presented at our Women Leaders in Gaming Summit; and resonated very well with the majority of attendees. She not only set a great tone by delivering a fabulous keynote on the Power of Emotional Intelligence, Tara also integrated several other informative key points on other topics into 4 breakout sessions. Tara is a delight to work with and is very prepared. The evaluations were overwhelmingly positive—due in large part to her being a genuine effective speaker with an ability to tailor a session that will exceed expectations in an extraordinary way! I sincerely believe you won’t be disappointed to hire Tara.”

– Wes Ehrecke, President & CEO Iowa Gaming Association

“Tara has an obvious sense of confidence and knowledge in the fearful arena of public speaking. When Tara delivered her presentation to our group she tailored her delivery to our specific audience level of up and coming leaders. I am confident that the investment we made in time and money for Tara’s program “Building Powerful Presentations” was of great value toward the development of public communication skills and public speaking confidence. I would not hesitate to use Tara’s services again.”

– Talbot Wilt, Vice President, Alpine Lumber

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